Why Should My Dentist Use A Waterlase?

There are many advantages to using the Waterlase over conventional instruments: Patient COMFORT! Waterlase Dentistry does not transmit heat or vibration, a major cause of the discomfort associated with the dental drill. In addition, using Waterlase reduces bleeding, post-operative pain and swelling in many procedures.

Accuracy and Precision! Dentists are able to treat targeted areas of tooth structure and gum tissue while leaving surrounding areas unaffected. The Waterlase eliminates damage and conserves healthy tissue.

Fewer Shots and Less Anaesthesia! This means no needles and no numb lip for many procedures! Better Tooth Preparation. Waterlase cavity preps increase bond strength of tooth coloured restorations for longer lasting fillings.

Fewer Dental Visits! Waterlase Dentistry gives your dentist the ability to perform many procedures that previously required referral to a specialist. Now you can have them done during your same appointment.

What proceedures can be done with Waterlaser?

  • waterlase_logo2Tooth, bone and gum procedures
  • Decay removal
  • Root canals
  • Cavity preparation
  • Smile design
  • General dentistry for emael and dentin
  • And more…
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